My philosophy is simple. Treat clients the way I would want to be treated.

How this translates to working with me is that you can expect to be treated fairly, communication happens frequently, your knowledge and skill level is treated with respect and nothing is ever taken for granted. I appreciate the trust you place in me when you hire me to do a job.

My approach is to understand your needs, be flexible and responsive, share as much information and knowledge as you need or desire, and work collaboratively with you every step of the way. I define the steps of every project and its associated costs upfront so there are never any surprises. I set up an online client space to share ideas and work throughout the design and development process. I train you when needed. And I support you when the project is finished.

My work comes from referrals. Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to demonstrate not only my skill as a designer, but my value as a trusted partner to your business. In this way I can be confident you'll recommend me to your friends and colleagues, and my business will continue to thrive.